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Reaction to US media reports

COMMENTING on a New York Times report that the US is contemplating expanding its special operation ground raids into Pakistan’s tribal areas, our Foreign Office is reported to have cautioned Washington and reminded it of the red lines (Dec 24).

This was perhaps the follow-up of a recently released summary of annual Pakistan-Afghan review, wherein the Obama administration highlighted the continued presence of terrorist sanctuaries in Fata as a major challenge to restoring peace to Afghanistan.

The news report also referred to the often mentioned but never officially declared red lines set by Islamabad.

The red lines reportedly called for: “No foreign boots inside Pakistan; no expansion of Isaf/Nato mandate to cover Pakistan; no expansion of drone attacks into Balochistan; no contact group on Pakistan and the end to vilification of ISI”.

People are at a loss to understand as to why we give so much importance to the ‘feelers’ that are published in New York Times, Washington Post or in other media publications.

Do the reports or the public viewpoint on sensitive strategic issues that are published by Pakistani newspapers about the US find even a bit of space in the American and western media? Do the official quarters in Washington give their reaction to reports of similar nature published by our press?

Source: Dawn