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Rallies held in Quetta against government

QUETTA: Two separate demonstrations were held outside the Quetta Press Club on Saturday to highlight two different issues. The first rally was organised by the Baloch Student Organisation while the other one was held by the Balochistan Jamaat-i-Islami’s women’s wing. Addressing the BSO supporters and other nationalists, BSO secretary-general Zakir Majid Baloch condemned the on-going military operation in Kohlu and Dera Bugti areas of the province and demanded its immediate end. Filled with emotions, the BSO leader said the “state oppression” could not suppress the Baloch nationalist movement. He said the Baloch nationalists were struggling for achieving their just rights to live with dignity and honour. Criticising the Punjab domination in national affairs and terming it an oppressor, the BSO leader said the Baloch would continue their fight for their rights.

Eulogising the steadfastness and commitment of the Baloch nationalists, he said all past rulers had failed to subjugate and crush the Baloch people. He demanded an immediate end to the military operation in the province and release of all arrested people. Addressing a separate rally, Ms Bilqees Saif, a local leader of the Jamaat, criticized the passage of the Women’s Protection Bill, and said through such steps the government wanted to make the country a secular state. The Jamaat’s women supporters, holding banners and placards, chanted slogans against President Pervez Musharraf, and in favour of the enforcement of an Islamic system in the country. She said President Gen Musharraf was appeasing the West by taking such measures and his policies had forced the Islamic-leaning women to take to streets to lodge their protest.

ATTACK ON NAZIM: Nazims of tehsil and union councils of Ziarat and Sanjavi have condemned the attack on the district nazim of Ziarat and demanded of the government to give an exemplary punishment to the attackers. Speaking at a joint news conference at the press club here on Saturday, Sanjavi Tehsil Nazim Noor Mohammad Domar said that some miscreants had manhandled District Nazim Dilawar Khan, who was seriously wounded. He said the district nazim, by using his administrative powers, had transferred the tehsil Patwari from Ziarat to Sanjavi. He said supporters of the Patwari pressured the district nazim to cancel his transfer order and after their failure to convince the nazim they attacked him in Quetta on Friday. Mr Domar appealed to all nazims and councillors in Balochistan to raise voice against those who were protecting corrupt officials of the tehsil.
Source: Dawn