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Quality TV plays still being produced

THIS is apropos of Abdul Samad Samo’s letter ‘Qualitative decline in Pakistani TV plays’ (Feb 27). The writer has blamed TV channels for vulgarity and glamour. He also awarded the TV channels a charge of displaying those dramas which are devoid of original culture and ground realities of Pakistani society.

May I say that whatever the channels are showing is exactly what our viewers want. If it’s not like that, how could a serial, with a heavy investment, can be brought onto the screens.

Secondly, Mr Samo also reviewed the glory of the PTV by highlighting the mega drama serials by PTV in the first couple of decades. May I please put the record straight that PTV and a private TV channel recently showed simultaneously a very touchy drama serial, ‘Khuda Zamin Se Gia Naheen Hay’, which confirmed to our ground reality in Pakistan.

This 16-part episode ideally covered the recent war on terror which our people and the Pakistan Army are fighting. And there was no vulgarity and glamour shown in that serial. This is remarkable.

I suggest Mr Samo should first get a CD of this serial and watch it. I’m sure this will change the opinion of the writer. I think the time for quality drama serials in Pakistan is still on and our media offices are still producing quality products, as and when required.

Source: Dawn