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PTCL Re launches Voice mail Service

Islamabad: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) has re launched voice mail service with remote login feature to keep its valued customers informed about their incoming calls.

The purpose is to create awareness among PTCL valued customers for using this FREE Voce Mail Service for depositing voice messages or not to miss any call. The re-launch with a new feature of remote login will enable customers to receive their messages from any landline, Vfone and all mobile services within the country or internationally, just by dialing 1277 followed by a four digit pin code of their mailbox.

The use of this service is free of cost. It will keep the PTCL customers informed about their incoming calls on their land line, and internationally as well by dialing country code of Pakistan followed by 1277. The service also has the added feature of out dial notification that system will call itself twice a day in case the customer does not retrieve his messages.
Source: The News