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PTCL CLI service in Pindi, Islamabad from 21st

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited will formally launch the calling line identification (CLI) service, from April 21, in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Initially the CLI service would be employed in some areas of the twin cities and later the other areas will also be facilitated. The service is aimed at checking obnoxious calls and providing additional convenience to the customers.

Subscribers, who wants to avail of CLI service, be required to attach a small device in their existing telephones to know telephone number of the caller, says a press statement.

It further said, it is for the understanding of the customers that the first ring on the telephone the Calling Line identification equipment will display the incoming telephone number of the caller.

Customers are recommended to purchase a good quality attachment, which has the additional features of redial of incoming calls, good memory storage and other facilities as well.

PTCL is launching a marketing campaign with very low tariff of Rs 50 per month with up-front Rs. 300 as activation charges, which will be adjusted in the subscriber’s monthly bill.

Initially the service is being offered to digital telephone holders connected with telephonic exchanges of IBA-I-A, IBA-F-11, IBA-1-10, IBA-11-S/Town, City, Cantt, Chaklala and Westridge.

The services can be subscribed by calling at telephone No.111465465 and 111-202020 or contacting the Customer Services Center at Rizwan Center, Islamabad and Customer Services Center Rawalpindi Cantt or telephone No. 111-282828.

Source: Business Recorder