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PTCL carelessness regretted

KARACHI – Mohammad Saeed Shafiq, Senior Vice President of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), in a communication to the Chairman, Pakistan Telecommunication Co Ltd, has regretted the poor performance of PTCL, Karachi.

He said that the complaints of KCCI members referred to PTCL remain unattended and unresponded causing manifold hardships to trade and industry.

In his letter he noted that he has dispatched a number of letters addressed to chairman PTCL, drawing his attention to the lacklustre performance of PTCL, Karachi, and subsequent reminders on the subject, but it is regretted that none of the letters was even acknowledged.

“As you are aware, Karachi Chamber is the premier trade body of the country, having around 13,000 members (both industrialists and businessmen). One of the prime duties of the Chamber is to help redress the multifaceted problems of business and industry.

“It is against this perspective that the Chamber has been recommending many cases of hardships to PTCL, Karachi, but to no avail! Their non-cooperative and callous attitude could be witnessed from the following cases:

“i) We recommended a case of shifting of telephone No 5057358 against Regn.No.1049/2002 dt. 15-3-02, to Korangi Telephone Exchange, but till today there has been no response, despite our persuasion.

“ii) Likewise, a case of new telephone connection Demand Note No.N/K/W-6005 dt. 21-1-2004 was referred to North Karachi Telephone Exchange. Although the demand note and advice note have been issued long ago, but till today, the telephone has not been installed.

“iii) A telephone No.6656368 of our member firm has been out of order for the last six months, but despite repeated reminders, it has not yet been restored.

“Meanwhile, the members have been pressing us hard to know the outcome of our efforts and we have to cut a sorry figure, in the face of no response from your department in Karachi.

“As you might be aware, the government is committed to provide a business-friendly atmosphere. It is the government’s avowed policy not only to improve the infrastructure, but also to ensure its timely availability to the businessmen and entrepreneurs.
Source: Business Recorder