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PTA: SIMs dilemma

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The PTA has provided a number — 668 — to get information about the SIM issued on a particular CNIC.

I sent my CNIC number to 668 on three different dates in 2012 and 2013. The first message I received from 668 was on Sept 27, 2012. The message stated that a total of eight SIMs are issued under my CNIC by different service providers. This is not correct.

I again checked on Dec 1, 2012, the number of SIMs in my name. The number was reduced to seven, though I did not change the previous status and one less SIM was reported in my name.

Then again on Nov 30, 2013, I checked the number of SIMs. I came to know the number of SIMs came down to five. I wonder what is happening. I am not using all the SIMs issued in my name. I tried to find out from two different service providers but they ask strange questions and discourage customers from getting the name deleted from their users’ list.

I bought a new SIM and when I asked the operator to activate it, he refused to do so. I was informed that PTA rules do not allow more than five SIMs to be activated on a CNIC. I went to check with one service provider about the number issued in my name and delete it as I was not using it anyway. He checked the records and said the number had been deleted against my name.

This was done on Dec 5, 2013. Now again I had five SIMs in my name, including the one which I already got deleted. How can I get the new SIM activated unless I get the unwanted one deleted from my name?

Could the PTA explain facts, as also the procedure for activation and de-activation of SIMs as some service providers are reluctant to delete the name of the subscriber from their users’ list.

Shabbeer A. Sheikh


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