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PTA, PTCL accused of harassing SAMW

KARACHI : The South Asian Media Wise has denied allegations of illegal voiceover Internet protocol termination.

In a press release issued on Wednesday, SAMW said a team of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and the Pakistan Telecommunication Company officials was handed over access to the servers. The team members looked at the configuration and the SAMW staff provided them with its copy. “The server was configured as fax-over IP and not voiceover IP. Non technical PTA staff were either unable to understand or knowingly dismissed such a crucial fact.

“The Webnet ISP provided the PTA with our Internet usage. Our traffic was 64 kpbs. As per simple mathematics: each voice takes 8kpbs payload and 3kpbs header to complete. We have 120 lines. If we were running voice, we would have needed at least 2mbps internet connectivity.

“Our access server AS5300 manufactured by Cisco systems contained Mica Modems and DSP modules. Modems are used for fax, while DSPs are used to store and forward fax. They can also be used for voice. However, our internet connection and configuration did not allow usage of voice. For more information please visit

“The PTA also alleged that we have so far terminated 37,000 calls. At 0.25 cents per call it will mean US $9,000 over three months. Our internet and PRI rentals are much larger than the amount we have allegedly made illegally. “It is our position that the PTA harassed us because we refused to bribe certain PTCL staff.”

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Webnet has denied that it has a joint venture with SAMW. He added that the Webnet has fully cooperated with the PTA in this matter and gave assistance to the PTA, CIA and US-FBI and other law authorities in the recent past on very sensitive matters. Webnet has always been a law-abiding company and has never indulged in such activities.
Source: The Dawn