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Protest march, demo by journalists

HYDERABAD – Large number of newsmen and photojournalists rallied outside the Hyderabad Press Club on June 27 to protest non-implementation of the 7th Wage Board award. The Hyderabad Press club organized the protest, which was held by Hamid Mian Shaikh, the newly elected president of the HPC.

They were holding placards nd demanding media industrialists to give the legal rights to the journalists.

The protestors expressed concern over no or meager payment in the head of salaries by the newspapers to their district reporters and stressed them to respect the rights of their employees.

They said the owners and workers could protect the industry only when they are together.

The protestors condemned the advertisement campaign by the owners against the Wage Board Award and demanded to stop it and implement the Wage Board Award in letter and spirit so that the media workers can work with satisfaction.

The protestors demanded the Federal Government to take steps to get the Wage Board Award implemented and protect the labour rights of the journalists.

The reporters also condemned the clandestine arrest of Muzzafar Aijaz, editor of Daily Jasarat and demanded immediate release of the journalist.

Senior journalists, including Malik Azizullah, also spoke on the occasion.
Source: Daily Times