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Protest lodged with Danish charge d’affaires

The Danish Charge d’Affaires was called to the Foreign Office Tuesday by Additional Secretary (Europe) Akbar Zeb to lodge a strong protest over the republication of the blasphemous cartoons in Denmark.

While lodging the protest, the additional secretary said the re-publication of the cartoons had deeply offended Muslims feelings and sentiments all over the world. While we uphold freedom of the press and freedom of expression but it should not be taken as a licence to insult and malign other religions. In fact, the publication of the cartoons was an abuse and perversion of freedom of expression, which showed disrespect for the beliefs of other people. The additional secretary underlined that publication of the cartoons was counter to the efforts of countries and people who wished to build bridges amongst civilizations. Since hurting sentiments of other religions was not responsible behaviour, the Danish Government was obliged as a responsible government to stop the publication of the cartoons.

The Charge d’Affaires said that the Danish Government did not have any hand in the republication of the cartoons and that he would convey the sentiments of the Government of Pakistan to his government.

Source: The News