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Promoting freedom of expression through caricatures

KARACHI: “We have the right to speak, express our thoughts, be heard and above all, have the right to make choices” were the words uttered by Shaista, a student of grade 8, Government School, Zamzama on the occasion of Human Rights Day.

The event Human Rights Day being celebrated amongst students of Government School, Zamzama, teachers from all walks of life and educators from Notre Dame Institute of Education (NDIE), Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) and Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA).

The underlying theme of the celebration was ‘Human rights and my responsibilities-what are they’ which was led by Nida Shams, a grassroots comics trainer and graphics designer from World Comic Network-Pakistan.

Participants were given an introduction to Human Rights and the work ITA was doing in promoting those through education by Durray Sadaf, Manager CSR, partnerships and documentation, ITA while Nida Shams led the session by engaging participants in expressing their thoughts on Human Rights through caricatures and writing their beliefs on coloured paper.

Afshan A Razzak, Acting Regional Manager, ITA shared case studies of daily scenarios developed by Khalida Brohi, a young writer with the participants and through group work, team members portrayed their understanding of human rights by making caricatures which were displayed for viewing.-