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Project to develop web sites for 35 divisions

ISLAMABAD- The Information Technology (IT) and Telecom Division have launched its project to develop web sites for 35 divisions and three special sites. It has allocated Rs. 37 million for this plan.

Under the project, executed by IT Commission, a web site portal for government of Pakistan will be established.

The objective of the project is to ensure improvement in delivery of information and services to the general public within and outside the country, increase the efficiency of the government, minimize cost of its functioning and increase the level of transparency in government transactions.

Electronic government is one of the four major components of the IT Action Plan. E-government is a gigantic task that can be undertaken by adopting a modular approach. IT Commission since October for E-government programme undertook extensive research. The purpose of the study is to find out the requirement of various divisions for problem solving and services related to citizens.

The rules of business and the various rules and regulations under which the government operates were analyzed in detail. Equally, the value of e-government, as a contributor to creation of wealth in the national economy, has also been given due attention.

The E-government Task Force (EGTE), set up by Government of Pakistan, received input from 133 resource persons belonging to 35 federal divisions/organizations. In addition to the input received from the resource persons, extensive research has been done on the E-Government programme of other countries. An in-depth study of successes and failures of different governments and the reasons thereof have been analyzed along with best practices adopted so as to enable successful implementation in Pakistan. The E-Government Project Director (EGPD), a wing of Information Technology Commission (ITC), finalised the programme in the light of inputs received from different sources.

Service to the citizens, improving internal efficiency & effectiveness of government departments, and invigoration of the local IT industry have evolved as the vision for E-Government project as a result of the research conducted by IT Commission.

The master E-Government project has been divided into multiple short-term and long-term projects. It will be completed in a period of 3-5 years.

The web sites created under the project will contain useful information for all potential users, domestic and international. The information will include organizational details, rules and procedures, contact persons and their e-mails, downloadable forms and data of interest to the general public. The portal will be developed to link the sites. By using the portal, the users will be able to access information about ministries, Hajj, educational institutions and different government forms. Approximately 3500 forms will be posted on the database.

NTC has officially been designated for hosting services of E-Government projects, which is in the process of setting up of Internet Service Provider (ISP) and hosting services, which will be in place by February 2002. Web sites will be hosted in Pakistan after having appropriate security and peering issues resolved.
Source: Business Recorder