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Prodigies and media’s role

THIS is apropos of the letter ‘Arfa: not known to have epilepsy’ (Jan 31) by Prof Hasan Aziz. It was about Arfa Karim’s fatal illness and projection on the media. I agree with Prof Aziz that during her lifetime, quite a few of us knew about Arfa and her brilliant achievements.

She was the youngest Microsoft-certified IT expert in the world and represented Pakistan on international and national prestigious platforms. It is a great tragedy that she achieved more fame during her illness, especially after Bill Gates contacted her parents and set up a panel of doctors for her to ascertain the chances of her recovery and moving her abroad for treatment. While our media was busy reporting her illness and creating a competition as to which channel reports first, not a single official statement carried her doctors’ diagnosis.

According to one of her senior neurophysicians, she was not known to have epilepsy, contrary to all the hype that the media created on every channel.

I do not agree to the thought and trend of ignoring the talented people during their life and highlighting their heroic deeds after they die.

Our children are very talented, our young students, especially girls, are making their mark in education recently. Another student of Sargodha has become the youngest Microsoft certified professional.

A few days ago, I read about a boy who has succeeded in generating electricity cost-effectively. But do they need to meet some unfortunate circumstances before they are given nationwide recognition?

My point is that these outstanding children are asset of Pakistan and also inspiration for the rest of the children of the country. Their abilities should be highlighted now, instead of waiting for the time when they are no more.

There is another angle to this situation. Ignoring the achievements of these shining stars can eventually discourage their talent and we may not utilise their best abilities for a better future of Pakistan.


Source: Dawn