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Press freedom uppermost

THE arrest of Julian Assange has further exposed the face of imperialist forces.

We, in the Third World countries, are very much used to such tactics. For instance, in Pakistan an elected prime minister was executed on a dubious murder charge by an illegitimate dictator with the help of an illicit court.

So it would be no surprise if this happened in any country in the Third World. But we are surprised to see such an obnoxious measure taken by nations that declare themselves to be the champion of freedom of press and democratic values.

Assange has not committed a severe crime. Not a single word on the site suggests that it is the manipulation of the WikiLeaks, very `wicked leaks` for the imperialists.

Those who are for the upholding of freedom of expression and press should rise against the duplicity of the oppressor.


WikiLeaks: a tool of propaganda?

Almost all countries have their well-regimented and well-organised propaganda teams working under the command of highly-trained professionals.

They all join their heads together and try to plan out new and novel type of propaganda strategies. The WikiLeaks is also the outcome of such a venture. Yet it is not clear whose interests this website is looking after.

The WikiLeaks has published its reports yet again. But in spite of all these facts, the western media is running after Pakistan and earnestly trying to divert all the bullets fired by the WikiLeaks towards Pakistan.

Source: Dawn