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Press Council of Pakistan unhappy over media coverage of suicides

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Press Council of Pakistan (PCP) Raja Shafqat Abbasi has expressed displeasure over the way some media organisations portrayed the recent suicides stories by some young students in different parts of the country in their main stories cover.

In a press release, the PCP chairman said that each case should have been probed thoroughly to identify the factors leading to the death of young students instead of blaming parents, teachers and the prevailing education system in the country. He further said the cases relating to youngsters and women should have been handled with utmost care.

Shafqat Abbasi said suicide is not a solution to the worries/depression of an individual as was generally concluded by media in their headlines. “Suicide can never be the answer. Getting help and treatment is the answer. The government and society should play its due role in this regard,” he said.

“Suicide is a crime and it can in no way be justified whatever the circumstances are,” he added.

Shafqat Abbasi hoped that media would follow the code of ethics in reporting such stories and avoid creating sensationalism/romanticism and portraying suicide victims as heroes. “Media should discourage such trends. Press should avoid using words as ‘suicide ended pain or suffering’ or highlight the methods used as a successful suicide. Instead of this just use ‘dead by suicide’.”

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