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Press Council of Pakistan finalises names to head probe bodies

ISLAMABAD: The Press Council of Pakistan (PCP) has finalized the names of four eminent jurists’ to head the inquiry commissions to deal with complaints.

A three-member inquiry commission headed by a retired judge of the High Court or a person qualified to be a judge of High Court is to be constituted by the Press Council under section 9 of the PCP Ordinance 2002, says a press release issued here on Tuesday.

Under the regulation framed by PCP the complaint is to be referred in the first instance to the committee/sub-committee constituted by the Council under section 16 of the PCP Ordinance. If the matter is not resolved, then it shall be referred to the inquiry commission.

The sub-committee appointed by the PCP for finalization of the names of Chairmen of the inquiry commissions has finalized the names Asma Jehangir, Senior Advocate Supreme Court as Head of Inquiry Commission for Punjab, Justice Ali Aslam Jaffri, Head of Inquiry Commission (Sindh), Justice G.N. Hohli, Head of Inquiry Commission (Balochistan), and Justice Fazal-i- Haq Abbasi, Head of Inquiry Commission (KPK).

The APNS has nominated, Zahid Malik, from Pakistan Observer, Umer Mujib Shami, Daily Pakistan (Lahore), Masood Hamid, Secretary General, APNS, Daily Dawn (Karachi), Muhammad Siddiq Baloch, Daily Balochistan Express (Quetta) and Ayaz Badshah, Daily Mashriq (Peshawar).

The inquiry commissions shall be notified on receipt of nominations from CPNE.

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