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PPF Protests blocking of an online newspaper

Pakistan Press Foundation has expressed concern over the blocking of the El Diario de Cuba, an online newspaper, starting from January 14, 2013 in Venezuela.

Quoting information from Freedom House, PPF Secretary General Owais Aslam Ali in a letter to the President of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, by Monday an access problem had fallen sharply of Diario de Cuba’s website. A huge number of internet users of state-owned and private telecommunication company were denied access to Diario de Cuba’s website, which accounts for 80% of internet users, has failed to provide an explanation for the problems regarding access.

The blocking followed the website’s publication of a number of stories on President Chavez’s health. Clients of other privately-owned Internet provider companies also warned the newspaper of the problem.

PPF condemns this act of censorship that restricts the right of the people to access differing sources of information and calls on government to reconsider this move towards censorship and to restored website immediately without any restrictions.

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