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‘The secret of my inner peace is to avoid the media’

By Jan Khaskheli

Karachi: It was an unusual gathering. A large number of people were inspired by a simple yet striking lecture by 94-year-old Dadi Janki, head of the World Spiritual University. She was speaking on the theme ‘Yehi Hai Waqt’ (The Time is Now).

Dadi spoke on the importance of spiritualism in this modern era. “The people need meditation, especially in Pakistan, to settle their political and sectarian differences,” she suggested. The city where Dadi was saying those words was her birthplace, Hyderabad, where she had returned after sixty years.

Born in 1916, Dadi’s parents shifted to Karachi when she was 11. After living in Karachi for 13 years, her family then shifted to India before heading towards London, England. She returned to Karachi from the British capital recently after 60 years. She has come to see her relatives.

Recalling her childhood days, Dadi said she still remembers the baskets of fresh roses her family used to receive daily in the morning. “Ghulab and Gulqand were considered real cure for many diseases at that time,” she recalled.

Telling the audience about the secret of her peace, she said, “I never listen to the radio, do not watch TV and never read newspapers. It is the secret of my peace and satisfaction”. She said that this was the only reason she, even at 94, had the power and energy to travel across the globe to spread the message of peace, love and religious harmony.

She was critical of inventions of Science. “It’s true that Science has created new things, but it (Sciences has also destroyed the real peace and calmness in the world,” Dadi said. “Presently, the human heart is blank. It’s without love and satisfaction. We do not have tolerance and respect for others.”

However, Dadi was thankful to the people of Pakistan for giving her a warm welcome. “I came here after a long time and was received by people with love and respect. After seeing my family members and the love you people gave me, I am happy,” she said.

Moreover, she said that political and religious differences in the world have caused uncertainty, fear and restlessness among human beings. One effective way to fight this uncertainty is to have respect for each and everyone, she said, adding that pure feelings help people maintain respectful relations with others.

“One who is peaceful has an easy nature and a smiling and cheerful face. To acquire mastery over the art of remaining peaceful, one needs a true power of concentration,” Dadi said. “Do not hurt others. Help the needy people and, in return, you will receive prayers and blessings of the Almighty. Be healthy, wealthy and happy by doing this,” She went on to suggest.

The 94-tear-old spiritual leader is one of the pioneers of a modern form of the ancient art of Raja Yoga. Through this structured and disciplined method of spiritual development, she has taught numerous people from all backgrounds and walks of life ways of acquiring true self-respect and becoming free from negative tendencies.

She has been recognised as one of the world’s most renowned spiritual leaders of the present times. She has dedicated more than 70 years of her life to inspire people in 100 countries. Besides, she has served as one of the Ten Keepers of Wisdom, an advisory group of eminent spiritual leaders, convened at the UN Earth Summit in Rio, Brazil (1992), and at Habitat II in Istanbul, Turkey (1996).

In 2004, Dadi was awarded the Grand Cordon of the first order of Al-Istiklal (Medal of Independence) by King Abdullah II of Jordon in recognition of services for promoting peace and religious harmony across the world. In December 2009, Dadi was invited as one of the main speakers on the occasion of the Parliament of the WorldÂ’s Religious Leaders in Melbourne, Australia, addressing the closing plenary session together with Dalai Lama and representatives of major religions. In December 2003, Dadi was invited as a spiritual resource person to join a selected delegation of religious leaders for dialogue in Jerusalem, Gaza and Ramallah, to help build trust between the women of Palestine and Israeli.

Meanwhile, in Hyderabad, Dadi’s lecture was followed by a short exercise of meditation, in which another peace activist Dadi Jenti Karplani, who was accompanying Dadi, asked the people “to find time, do meditation at your homes, make your intellect refined, talk to your self and talk to God from the heart.”
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