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Politicians begin election campaign through media

By Kashif Hussain

LAHORE: Taking advantage of the three-day Eid celebrations, several leaders of major political parties started their election campaigns on private television channels and cable networks to influence voters and their respective party command for attaining tickets in the upcoming general elections.

Politicians belonging to the three major political forces, including Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), used the electronic media to show their parties that they were strong candidates from their respective areas.

The political campaigners used special advertisements on private TV channels and local cable networks to show their competence in their constituencies.

The politicians had initially begun their self-projection through advertisements but later launched media campaigns for television with the help of production houses.

Some of the politicians used print media campaigns and home-to-home distribution of colourful leaflets and pamphlets to narrate their efforts to their respective party seniors and their constituency population.

Politicians and parliamentarians from the provincial ruling party, PML-N, also began their next election campaign in their respective constituencies during the Eid holidays.

They distributed platelet kits for blood testing regarding dengue disease and highlighted the efforts of their party in the past few years. According to political pundits, such campaigns would increase day by day as the general elections approach.

They said it was the need of the hour to show their (potential candidates) presence in their areas through electronic media, which was more vibrant than other sources of awareness and political struggle for the people.

They also said these campaigns would a take new momentum after the government announced the date for the next general elections since all major parties had already begun working through electronic and print media on attractive slogan-based advertisements as well as leaflets and pamphlets.

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