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Police-media liaison termed a must for accurate information

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PESHAWAR: In order to improve its liaison with the public, the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa police on Saturday introduced new media management principles to ensure better access to information for media.

According to a statement issued by the K-P police on Saturday, after any terror attack, police officials and a bevy of media personnel descend on the crime scene.

The former for securing the crime scene and collecting evidence, the latter for information to inform their respective audience.

To manage this chaotic situation, the K-P police said that media personnel must follow new management rules to ensure that people can access information in a convenient manner.

In this regard, around 44 public information officers of K-P Police were provided training about disseminating information about incidents.

Training DIG Karim Khan said that the public wants information about any incident and police is one of the main sources of any information in this regard. He said the police-media liaison is essential to ensure quick and fair dissemination of information to
the public.

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