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Poignant messages through many faces of art

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Karachi: The Grandeur Art Gallery was host to a group exhibition of seven artists and sculptors representing various forms and schools of art, ranging from realism to semi-abstract art and the abstract.

It was a collage of colours and paintings. Some of these works deserve special mention. For instance, ‘Female Faces’ by Azra Wahab.

The work is semi-realist. With meticulously and delicately chiselled features, the women’s faces are not just faces but seem to convey a profound, poignant message. The yearning in their eyes has been captured quite accurately.

Azra, a 1992 graduate in fine arts from the University of the Punjab in Lahore, said she was interested in numerous fields of art, but the one she was into the most was fine art.

It is the medium through which she presents her thoughts, she said. “My paintings mainly consist of figure compositions painted in bright and vibrant colours. However, it may vary, depending on what I want to convey.”

Then there are works by Sumera Saleem, whose main calling is the beauty of nature.

Her semi-abstract portraits and landscapes have unleashed a natural talent beyond comparison. Her criss-cross technique allows her to build layers to develop shape, depth, light and shadows.

As for artist/sculptor Akbar Khan, who is a specialist in the fine arts, he too seems to excel in conveying the beauty of nature.

One of his portraits on display depicts sailing ships against the backdrop of a crimson rising sun around dawn. What makes the work even more attractive is the surrealist touch to it.

Apart from being engaged in fine arts and sculpture, Khan has also been a stage and television artiste.

He has exhibited his works at the Pakistan American Cultural Centre in Karachi and a host of art galleries across town.

Then there is a striking representation of a commoner’s life in a Punjabi village by Naish Rafi. It is a wonderful representation in realism, depicting a typically Punjabi woman, a charpoy and a spinning wheel. The art show runs up until May 25.

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