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PML-N clarifies report

LAHORE: A spokesman for the PML-N has clarified a news report appearing in a section of the press in which various allegations have been levelled against the Punjab government and the party leadership.

It has also been stated in the news report that the Punjab government is intended to ban the release of official advertisements to newspapers after the passage of the resolution in the Punjab Assembly.

A spokesman of the PML-N in a press release on Monday described the news report totally baseless, misleading and self-motivated, and said it seemed to be the brainchild of someone who was a fiction writer.

He said the allegations levelled against the PML-N leadership and the Punjab government in the news report was so fanciful and paradoxical that even its writer did not believe in them.

The spokesman said the allegation against the Punjab government of intending to stop official ads to newspapers is not without purpose as it is in the common knowledge that publication of government ads in the press is a legal demand and as such binding on all governments.

He said the most unfortunate aspect of this matter is that first a baseless allegation was fabricated against the Punjab government and then it was subjected to undue criticism on its basis. The spokesman said it has already been clarified that neither the PML-N nor its leadership had anything to do with the resolution and it was based on the personal views of the assembly members.

Referring to the fact that assembly members were called through DCOs, the spokesman said it is a routine practice as assembly members are informed through the district administration about the session of the assembly.

He said the presence of assembly members in the chambers of the speaker is an ordinary matter, and describing it a conspiracy against the media is a grave injustice.

He said allegation that a 17-member committee comprising members of the PPP, PML-N and PML-Q was formed to draft the resolution is also a far-fetched idea, which nobody who has any knowledge of Pakistani politics can ever believe.

He said the contents of the report indicate that its author has tried to divert the criticism of the media against the style of governance of the federal government towards the PML-N but this attempt cannot succeed because it is an open secret that contrary to the federal government and the PPP, it is the PML-N which is supporting the media over the issue of independence of judiciary, fake degrees and freedom of press.
Source: The News