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PML-N accuses government of corruption in telecom sector

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) has alleged that the government has committed corruption amounting to Rs 68 billion in the telecommunication sector, which it said was the latest addition in a series of scandals involving the present regime.

PML-N Deputy Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal in a statement said on Friday that an audit report unearthed massive corruption in the telecommunication sector.

“This is a new addition to the corruption of the government, which is also responsible for irregularities amounting to Rs 400 billion in various state enterprises,” Ahsan said.

He said that the government was bent upon looting the country by encouraging corruption, which was creating poverty, unemployment and inflation.

“The PML-N submitted an accountability bill in the assembly three years back. However, the government is creating hurdles in its passage to avoid its own accountability,” he added.
Source: Daily Times