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PML leader condemns Pearl’s murder

KARACHI- Dr Hamida Khuhro, Senior Vice President, Pakistan Muslim League (PML) Friday condemned the inhuman murder of the American journalist Daniel Pearl.

In a statement issued here she lamented that the killing has sent a wave of shock and horror throughout Pakistan.

“We are bowed down in shame. This can only be the work of those who are determined to bring both Pakistan and Islam into disrepute and provide ammunition to those who wish us ill”, she added.

The veteran leader said, “we have to retrieve our country and our religion from these traitors, misguided and fanatical elements who are determined to deliver Islam and our society into ignorance and infamy”.

“This is the time to cleanse our society of these elements. The Government of Pakistan must deal with them without mercy and destroy them root and branch. Sanity and moderation must be restored to our society”, she further said.

Source: The News