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Plight of Pakistani children bad

ISLAMABAD, May 19 – Children continue to be abused sexually, physically and mentally at different places in Pakistan besides being devoid of their inalienable rights to a safe life and basic needs.

This was cited in a report on the state of Children in Pakistan during the year 2004 compiled by the Society for the Protection of Rights of the Child (SPARC). The data reveals that in 2004 a number of children were engaged in bonded labour, made subject to violence, torture and denied their right to a safe and honorable life.

The number of cases of sexual abuses reported in 2004 were 1,549, which means at least three children were sexually abused every day. The abusers ranged from fathers to clerics, mothers to maids and protectors who become predators.

The ban imposed on corporal punishment in government schools was often violated. However, corporal punishment in religious seminaries is a formidable phenomenon because these institutions fall outside the domain of the federal education system. These religious schools are infamous for starving and chaining students besides administering other available forms of punishment.

According to the report, 529 cases of child abduction were recorded in 2004; 177 cases of child molestation; 8 children were murdered after molestation; 364 children were subject to rape or sodomy; 264 cases of gang rape were reported while 35 children were killed as a result of gang-rape.
Source: Daily Times