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Pledge to stop adulteration

ISLAMABAD, July 20: Lawmakers have finally realised that adulteration of eatables is on the rise and the culprits are not scared of any legal or punitive action due to loopholes in the existing laws.

The National Assembly monitoring committee on human rights and adulterated food, which met here on Tuesday, pledged to stop adulteration in the country.

The committee decided to hold a meeting on August 12 and invite representatives of provincial governments and other officials to discuss harmonisation of standards, enforcement mechanisms and public awareness with particular reference to pure food laws at the federal and provincial levels.

“People of Pakistan could not dream of having pure and hygienic water, milk and milk products, meat and beef etc., as they are provided with adulterated items,” said the committee.

MNA Fauzia Habib, the chairperson of the committee, presided over the meeting which was attended by MNAs Jawad Hussain and Raheela Baloch.

Adulteration and contamination in edibles especially beverages, bottled water, cooking oil, ghee, spices, food colour, tea, sugar, bakery products, milk, fruits and vegetables are a constant threat to people’s health.

The committee observed that majority of adulterated products was sold at small shops, roadside vendors and restaurants and hotels because of their high margin of profit.
Source: Dawn