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PIA employees warned against leaking information to media

By Bhagwandas

KARACHI: Despite the access to information law, PIA has warned its employees not to provide to the media any information that may embarrass the government.

According to the sources, the warning has been issued by the airline`s human resources management official Dur Mohammad Tarique through an Aug 10 circular on `Premature leakage of information to the press / media`.

It says: “Deputy secretary (D) of the Establishment Division vide office memorandum has stated instances have come to the notice of the government where official information / documents are communicated to the press / media and leakage of such information places the government in an embarrassing position.

“He has further informed that communication to the press / media or to government servant authorised to receive it or to a non-official person of any statement of fact or opinion or other information by a government servant which is likely to embarrass the government is prohibited under Rules 18 and 22 of the Government Servants (Efficiency and Discipline) Rules, 1973.

“In this regard, attention of employees is invited to PIA employees (S&D) Regulations, 1985, vide Circular No.23/2010, dated July 14, 2010, and Clause 16.03.20 of Personal Policies Manual (Vol-I) as amended from time to time, which contains the provision of Regulation 63 of S&D.”

The regulation says: “No employee shall make any statement or address letters to the press or deliver a speech on radio / TV etc or contribute any article to any newspaper or journal concerning the affairs and operations of the corporation unless duly authorised in writing by the competent authority; provided that no employee shall publish, print, circulate or cause to be printed, circulated or otherwise be in possession of any type of literature or make any broadcast on radio / TV etc circulated to promote or attempt to promote feelings of enmity or hatred between employees, classes of employees, or different provinces, classes, sects, religious orders, or to compromise the integrity of the employee, the security of Pakistan or friendly relations with foreign states or offend public order, decency or morality.”

The circular further says: “All concerned are advised to note for compliance and refrain from holding press conferences and to have direct contact with… In cases of requirement of the communication with public, this should be done through the public affairs division of the airline.”
Source: Dawn