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Photography exhibition at Nomad Gallery

By Mahtab Bashir

ISLAMABAD: A photography exhibition by renowned photographer Azhar Sheikh started at Nomad Gallery, Saidpur Village on Thursday.

Sheikh has captured the images that express the strength and vulnerability of the struggling people. He has also beautifully captured the nature, especially Ravi River and the wonder of human achievement and architecture of walled city Lahore.

The photographic images of Sheikh carry visitors across a spectrum, from faces to places and from nature to architecture. In his photography, Sheikh has tried to catch the strength and the vulnerability of the human spirit, the beauty of nature and the play of light on form.

While photography captures the fleeting moment, it also preserves it forever so that snapshot of today could be the historical document of tomorrow. One could say after watching the cache of photographs that photography is history.

With the over 20 years experience, Sheikh has captured different shades of life such as the milkman entering Lahore city in the wee hours. His work depicts life in Lahore and its suburbs. Through his photographs he has shown those parts of the city that normally remain unnoticed by many. The essence of his photographs lies in the sensitivity that he has felt and with which he has captured these shades. His photos show various aspects of the city that has a reputation of being the cultural hub of the country.

Born in Lahore, raised in Karachi and graduated from NCA Lahore, Sheikh said photography was his passion and one of his best pastimes. “My first solo show in Lahore was with the title ‘First Flight’ and since then I have never exhibited my work in a show,” Sheikh said.

According to him, the idea behind capturing these images through the lens was to let people know how different people living in the historic city of Lahore and how they kicked off their day. “The vista of rising sun has always fascinated me leaving indelible imprints on my mind. In these photos, I want to describe my relation with my surroundings,” Azhar said.

The outskirts of River Ravi, old places of city, bank of the canal passing through the middle of Lahore, and images of the people living in shanty houses, making tea early in the morning, the effects of fog and the richness of culture, the beauty of nature and realities of life at dawn are the movements Azhar clicked the camera quite often.

Talking to Daily Times, Nageen Hyatt, director, Nomad Gallery said Azhar’s master pieces provided a new perspective on life and art, forcing the viewer to realise the extent to which photography has influenced our culture, helping spread awareness of our cultural identity to people of other cultures and connects us to the modern world. “The play of light reflects ethereal images and stories untold,” she said.

Sheikh’s photographic exhibition would continue at Nomad Gallery, Saidpur Village till November 22.
Source: Daily Times