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PFUJ demands arrest of journalists Killer

KARACHI:Feb.2:Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), while condemning the murder of Sajid Tanoli, a Mansehra-based journalist, has called the law enforcing agencies for apprehending the perpetrator of this heinous act and to prevent the Occurrence of such deplorable incidents in the future.

In a press statement, the PFUJ President, Ahfaz-ur­Rahnian said Sajid Tanoli, a reporter of a well-read circulated Urdu language newspaper of the region, daily “Shuinal” had filed a story regarding the alleged illegal liquor business of the accused, Khalid Javed, the district nazim of the city, who also happens to be secretary of Manschra Bat Association.

The lawyer allegedly used a gun to shoot the journalist, who died on the spot . and the killer managed to escape, though the incident took place at a busy street in broad day light.

Ahfaz-ur-Rahinan urged the government to ensure that the accused does not use his social status and political clout to get off the hook, “as often happens in such cases in Pakistan where the rich and the powerful use their resources to secure impunity from any sort of retribution.”

He stressed the accused had-any objection against the reported story, he should have taken his case to the court of law, instead of Committing this atrocious act.

Source: Dawn