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Pemra issues guidelines for Valentine’s Day TV shows

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) has directed all the satellite TV channels to observe the religious and cultural ethos before conceptualising any programme with regard to Valentine’s Day.

Pemra has held that as per complaints of the viewers, the programmes aired by TV channels in the past were not in conformity with the religious ethos and thus were corrupting and injuring the morality of Pakistani youth as well as violating Code of Conduct developed by Pemra in pursuance of Rule 15 & Pemra Rules 2009.

The Pemra letter issued to all TV news and entertainment channels and FM stations reads:

1-This is with reference to programmes to be aired on the forthcoming Valentine’s Day falling February 14, 2013.

2- It is generally observed that in the past “Valentine’s Day” is celebrated on February by all the satellite TV channels whether an entertainment or news & current affairs channel. Pemra has been receiving complaints from a large segment of society that Valentine’s Day celebrations are not in conformity to our religious and cultural ethos and has, therefore, condemned its unequivocal propagation through media.

Furthermore, such events have been perceived as a source of depraving, corruption and injuring morality of Pakistani youth as well as violating Code of Conduct developed by PEMRA in pursuance of Rule 15 & PEMRA Rules 2009.

3- All satellite TV channels/FM stations are, therefore, requested to honour viewer’s sentiments/opinion while conceptualising any programme or celebrating any event connected to ‘The Valentine’s Day’.

It is also requested that [the] Content Review Board may be made effective and responsible in order to scrutinise each and every programme before it goes on air.

4- It is earnestly believed that private satellite TV channels/FM stations and Pemra can develop a synergy to ensure quality entertainment to Pakistani viewers in accordance with our social, cultural, religious and ethical values.

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