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Pemra for replacing rules with old code of conduct

STANFORD (May 23 2008): The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) has proposed to the government to replace the controversial electronic media rules with the previous code of conduct.

Chairman Mushtaq Malik told Business Recorder here on Thursday that Pemra has already sent its proposal to the Ministry of Information (MoI) for taking up electronic media representatives on board and come up with its final rules for implementation.

He said, “The proposal for replacing the controversial electronic media rules has already been sent to the ministry for taking private TV channels management into confidence, and if it works, then the code of conduct can be put back in place to regulate electronic media.”

Mushtaq Malik is at Stanford to attend a 3-day conference on “Innovation Journalism.” As many as 179 delegates from 18 countries of different regions and the fellows of Innovation Journalism Programme are participating. Mushtaq Malik is leading Pakistan’s delegation in the conference. Competitive Support Fund (CSF) Chief for Pakistan Arthur Bayhan is also among the delegates. The Pemra chairman said, “The purpose of replacing the controversial electronic media rules will be to dispel an impression of any government crackdown on private TV channels in the future.” Asked if there was a possibility of any crackdown on any private TV channel, he ruled out any such possibility saying, “The government is looking forward for a better understanding with the electronic media for working in a constructive manner.”

“Since implementation, the new electronic media rules are a thorny issue between the government and private channels. The media organisations are also opposing the new Pemra rules.

The speakers of the Innovation Journalism Conference are stressing the need as to how innovations could be covered for making them useful for the people at large, and the stakeholders in particular. Majority of them is all out for making journalism create awareness among the masses about any new innovations.
Source: Business Recorder