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Pemra can cancel licence of channel violating rules: acting chairman

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) Acting Chairman Dr Abdul Jabbar said on Sunday that the authority has the right to cancel licence of any electronic media channel, which stops its satellite transmission in violation of relevant rules.

In an exclusive interview with this news agency here, Dr Jabbar said under the Pemra rules management of a TV or radio channel is bound to inform Pemra, in case it is unable to broadcast its programmes. Similarly, he said, they were bound to restart transmission on the given frequency within a few days.

He said there are a total of 85 satellite channels in the country, and none of them has any complaint against Pemra, except one media group. The said the group cannot be allowed to uplink its sports channel from Pakistan which has only landing rights.

He said that Pemra has already issued notice to the management of the said sports TV, and after eight days, a personal hearing would be held for them and if they fail to give satisfactory reply, their licence for landing rights can be cancelled by Pemra board.

Dr Jabbar said that as per law and the permission the channel has to uplink from Dubai not from Pakistan.

About the issue of the entertainment channel of the same group (Aag) he said that its signal was not blocked as alleged by them, rather cable operators were asked to off air its signal as the channel had licence to telecast music and entertainment programmes but it started showing Indian Premier League (IPL).

He said that licence for a satellite TV is given for 15 years and permission for landing rights is given for five years, and both of them can be renewed.

Dr Jabbar said that temporarily Pemra has suspended the issuance of new licenses due to saturation of the market, and lack of space for more TV channels on the analogue cable network. About the issue of excessive advertisements on satellite TV channels, he said that maximum limit is 12 minutes per hour but they telecast advertisements for more than 20 minutes per hour during the prime time, which is illegal. He said that the Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) was approached in this regard and Pemra has decided to impose fines on the violators.
Source: The News