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Pemra’s Dr Jabbar faces legal action in IHC

ISLAMABAD: While the Islamabad High Court (IHC) will hear today (Thursday) an important writ petition against acting chairman Pemra Dr Jabbar filed by a senior Pemra official Dr Safdar Rehman, the petitioner has been put to immense pressure to withdraw his petition but he has refused.

The petition filed by Dr Safdar Rehman and Muhammad Ali alleges that Dr Jabbar misused his power and authority and was using the powers of the office of chairman Pemra while he was merely an executive member assigned to look after the chairman’s office. The petition says that Dr Jabbar can’t use powers vested in office of chairman as he is not given current charge by the government.

According to sources, Dr Jabbar has taken actions against different officers who were not complying with his illegal orders during last two months.

Dr Jabbar is also facing intense litigation against him bearing corruption charges of hiring more than 365 persons against only 119 advertised posts as head of the hiring committee last year.

Dr Jabbar had advertised 119 posts including five positions of GM (BPS-19), six positions of DGM (BPS-18), 18 positions of AGM (BPS-17) 20 positions of field inspectors (BPS-14) and some other small grade positions. Seeing highest salary structure as compared to all other government organisations, 92 persons applied for the position of GM, 750 people applied for the position of DGM, 2,300 candidates applied for the position of AGM, 1,300 persons applied for the position of field inspectors whereas about 5,000 people from across the country applied for other positions.

Though tests for all the positions were conducted but later everything was manoeuvred by Dr Jabbar and most of those people who did not even appear in tests or failed were given appointments whereas those who not only passed the written test with distinction and also performed well during the interview were ignored. There is quite a big number of those candidates who were not even called for interviews despite taking exceptional numbers in the test.

Those who were given appointments include daughtersof Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo and Jahangir Badr, son of Abdul Hameed Dogar and kith and kin of the elite of the country. While this hiring is termed as a big scam no one took notice as most of those who suffered were poor people of the country whereas those who benefited belong to the elite classes of politicians and judiciary of the country.

Many candidates with result cards of written tests and other documents used to visit newspaper offices to expose this fraud committed in appointments as they didn’t have the power and money to move their cases in courts. These people say that they had moved numerous applications for suo moto notices but all went un-noticed. Around 20 different persons who moved petitions are still waiting for justice.
Source: The News