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PCO and emergency over now: minister

ISLAMABAD (February 26 2008): Caretaker Federal Minister for Law and Justice Syed Afzal Haider on Monday said that the Provincial Constitution Order (PCO) and emergency is over now in the country. “Emergency and implementation of PCO is over now. Those who are reluctant to accept this truth are misguiding the people,” he said in an interview with APP.

The Minister said that the general elections were held in a free, fair and transparent manner under the Constitution and law. He said the newly elected members will take oath under the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973.

He said under the law Election Commission is bound to announce the official result within ten days after election. According to this rule the official result of the election is expected to be announced on February 29, or on March 1.

He said after the election for women and minorities’ seats, the whole election exercise would be completed. The Minister said in this regard, the political parties have submitted the list of their nominees to the Election Commission.

Haider expressed hope that on March 4 or 5, the National Assembly would be summoned to meet. The new government would come into power as soon as the election of Speaker and Deputy Speaker would be finalised, “hopefully by March 7 the new government would take charge,” he added.

To a question about reinstatement of former judges, he said amendments in the Constitution is the right of the Parliament, however, under the Constitution the judges cannot be reinstated by an Executive Order, above the law this could happen, he added. Haider said the ruling party in the National Assembly would request the President to summon the session after finalising the nominee for the slot of the Prime Minister.

The President would then summon the NA to meet, he added. To a question about reinstatement of judges, elimination of NAB and other announcements made the by political parties on certain issues, the Minister said that it is the right of elected members of Parliament to make amendments and introduce new legislation.
Source: Business Recorder