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Pakistan’s film industry

Sir: Only 12 feature films were released last year. Thus, 2010 was the worst year of the decade for PakistanÂ’s film industry (also known as Lollywood) whereas during 2009, 14 films were released. Nevertheless, 2001 was better in the sense as 48 films were released.

Out of 12 films in 2010, only three were Urdu and the rest were Punjabi films. Nevertheless, some Pashto films were locally released limited to the city of Peshawar. The Sindhi film industry is also in poor shape despite some beautiful and popular films having been released in the past. In fact, General Ziaul Haq may be mainly blamed for the ruination of the film industry, as he was the worst enemy of cultural promotion. It is also sad to note that successive governments did not try to restore the glory of our film industry. The people of Pakistan already lack entertainment facilities; as a result frustration and psychological complications have increased among the masses tremendously. Will the present elected government take some initiative to enable our film industry to stand on its feet and produce better films?

Source: Daily Times