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Pakistan’s bandwidth rates much higher: Microsoft vice president

ISLAMABAD- The visiting Microsoft Vice President, Emre Birkin on June 10th, 2003 said Pakistan’s bandwidth rates were much higher and authorities in Islamabad should workout a policy to bring them down.

He was responding to a questioner at a press conference who wanted to know if he was satisfied with Pakistan’s bandwidth rates.

Emre Birkin reply is enough to expose Pakistani authorities, who always claim that bandwidth rates in Pakistan were lower.

Emre Birkin said high bandwidth rates could adversely hit efforts meant by a country to promote IT.

He counted many counties which have successfully managed to cut down bandwidth rates. Some of these were Egypt and Jordan.

Emre Birkin said Egypt and Jordan and many other countries have achieved a big success by scaling down their bandwidth rates in a few years.

He was confident that Pakistan could follow these counties to introduce itself as a sound IT promoter.
Source: Business Recorder