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Pakistani teen wins UN poster competition

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ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani teenager won a global children’s poster competition held by the United Nations Human Rights Office.

Children were asked to paint what freedom meant to them. The competition was held as part of a year-long campaign to mark the 50th anniversary of two important human rights treaties: the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Eiza Abid, a 15-year-old participant from Pakistan won in the 12-18 age group and 11-year-old Alexandria Slaven from Samoa won in the 5-11 age group.

Eiza had used dark tones and bright colours to represent the freedom of thought while Alexandria had painted a picture of people holding hands and standing under a coconut tree.

“My painting personifies the darkness and confinement within a person’s life and once the person is set free from the pressures and judgement of others, one can freely express their thoughts and imagination in their true colours, illustrating their unique vision and bright outlook,” Eiza wrote.

Vittorio Cammarota, Director of the UN Information Centre in Pakistan said: “We are very proud of Eiza Abid’s achievements. She has succeeded with expressing the concept of freedom through a very positive and inspiring [piece of art]”.

Mr Cammarota said the painting will be exhibited along with the ones submitted by Pakistani children in the competition at the centre in Islamabad.

“It is so important to have children celebrating the 50th anniversary of the human rights covenants through this poster competition. For the covenants to continue to have meaning over the next 50 years, children must be aware of their rights and the importance of these covenants to their lives and happiness,” said Fabian Salvioli, Chair of the Human Rights Committee.