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Pakistani girl student wins laurel in US


KARACHI: A Pakistan girl student Filza Tahseen, an iEARN YES Pakistan exchange student, won the annual 11th AYUSA Community Service Award in Buckley, US.

She is one of the 2 winners out of the 50 entries made to AYLJSA.

The other winner is Muhammad Rubait from iEARN YES Bangladesh, The Nation has learnt Filza Tahseen, a resident of Liaquatabad, Karachi, who belong to an underprivileged family taking ‘Hijab’ During her stay in US she continued this practice.

She is participating in the Youth exchange programme organised by iEARN in US.

Filza Tahseen is a student of Government Girls School in Nazimabad, Karachi, and elected from Pakistan to compete the competition.

The spokesman of iEarn in Pakistan said that Filza Tahseen went to US in August 2009 and would stay here till June 2010 and than returned Further describing the details, he said that Filza was currently living in Buckley and will go to San Francisco for a visit in April. She had completed over 170 hours of community service dedicating most of her time working with the young people who have disabilities or special needs in her host community through the ‘Connections Programme.

Filza has been truly committed to this programme, taking part in every activity ranging from recreational, community and movies, to functions events and more, he said. He added that iEARN Pakistan team had worked tirelessly to implement effectively the component of Youth Service and Volunteering in most of our programmes and of course our Alumni programme.

Filza’s ‘Connections’ Advisor said about her:

“She is a positive model for both staff and students. If a person like Filza, whose dress and religion is different from those she volunteers with, can still make a human connection that builds trust and harmony, then why can’t others? She sets a standard and she is our inspiration,” he concluded.
Source: The Nation