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Pakistan Television (PTV) to start 100 cable TV channels soon

ISLAMABAD- Pakistan Television will shortly provide facility of cable TV channels throughout the country under which more than 100 TV channels of different countries can be seen.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has issued a licence to PTV for starting a cable TV under Section 5(2)(0) of the Pakistan Telecommunication (Reorganisation) Act, 1996, and Rule 3 of the Cable Television Operation Rules, 2000, framed under Section 57(1) of the Act.

It is the first time that the PTV will itself provide the cable TV facility as before this the facility was being provided by the private sector. Initially some 100 channels would be available on the PTV network but the number of channels would be increased gradually, a senior official of the PTA said.

The following channels would be available on the PTV network:
PTV, STN Abu Dahabi, Ajman TV, Al-Jazeera TV, Australian TV, Bahrain TV, Bayrak International, BBC World, CCTV-7, CNBC Asia, CNN International, Neutsche Welle TV, Dubai TV, ESC-Egypt, Future International, International Sports, Iraq Channel, Iran 1-4, Jordan TV, JSC-AL Jazeera Sat, LBC, MBC, MTV, Music Asia, Nile Entertainment, Nile Family, Nile News, Oman TV, Pakistan Channel, PTV-3, TV World, PTV-2, Saudi TV-2, Saudi TV-, Sharjah TV, SI TV, Sony Entertainment, Sony Sat Max, Syria TV, Viva Music, Vox, Worldnet, Zee TV, Alpha Punjabi, ART Children, ART Europe. ART Moscow, ART Movies, ART Variety, ART-Iqra, ANT World, AXN Action TV, BBC Prime, Bloomberg TV UK, BRT (Baynder TV), Channel [V] Asia, Channel [V] International, Cine Cinemas, Fox News Channel, Fox Sports, Fujian TV, Future TV, Global TV, Golden Futu, Hallmark, HBO, HBO Family, HB04 Kids, History Channel, InfoSport, ITV, Kermit Channel, Kids TV, Series Channel, Sat Max, Sky Cinema, Sky Gold, Sky Movies, Star Movies, Star Plus, Star Sports, Sun Movies, Super Sports, Super Sports Gold, TCM/Carton Network, Cinemax, CMT, CNBC Sports, Computer Channel, Digitaly, Discovery Channel, Discovery Health, Discovery Sci- Trek, Discovery Travel, Dubai Business Channel, Dubai Space Channel, Dubai Sports Channel, Elefante TV, Emirates Media, Encyclopaedia, ESPN, ETC, Euro News, Europe By Satellite, Euro Sports, Formula 1, Fox Kids, Kuwait Space TV, Lashkara TV, LBC Sat, MCM Africa, MCV, M-Net, Mosaic, Movie Magic, MTV Asia, MTV Europe, MTV International, National Geographic Channel, NBC, News Sports, Nickelodian Show Time, ORT Kazakhstan, Paramount Channel, Parliamentary Channel, Quranic Channel, Reuters TV, SABC 1, SABC Africa, Sentech Info, Test Car, The Disney Channel, TMMC, Travel Channel, TV 5 Europe, TV Africa Med, TV 5 Afrique, UK Granada TV, University 1-4, University of Plymouth, VH-1, Viva Cinema, WWW Travel TV, Zee English, Zee Movies, and Zee News.

PTV has acquired category A and paid a licence fee of Rs5 million to the PTA for telecasting these channels throughout the country. The licence would be valid for five years. PTV has so far not decided about charges for per cable connection but it would not be more than the charges being charged by private firms operating cable channels in various parts of the country.


Under the license issued by the PTA, PTV shall ensure that the system does not cause interference or harm to the equipment of its subscribers and to other systems that may be connected to the system.
*PTV shall ensure that cables do not become a nuisance to the public and do not pose a hazard to people, animals, and the natural environment.
*PTV shall ensure that line isolators are placed at all household ends and junction points to prevent stray electrical voltage from getting onto the system and causing danger to customers equipment and people.
*PTV shall obtain necessary permits from the city authorities utility companies etc. as required in order to lay the cables.
*where digging of roads is required the operator shall ensure that it does not pose a traffic and environmental hazard.
*under no circumstances may trees be cut down or removed for the purpose of laying cables or installing antennas etc. If such obstacles are present, an alternative route must be devised even if it means added expenditure to the operator.
*where cable is strung over utility poles, the operator will ensure that it is installed at a sufficient height, out of reach of people and is properly clamped with the poles.


*PTV reserves the right to add to or delete any of the channels mentioned above when it deems appropriate.
*PTV shall show deference to the religious, social, culture and traditional values of the country in relaying programmes.
*programmes that contains immoral material and/or gratuitous/excessive violence should be avoided.
*programmes for children should take into consideration the innocence, inexperience and credulity of children, with full regard to the restrictions set out in section 7.4.
*PTV shall not alter or delete a programme in the course of its distribution except as required or authorized under a condition of its licences or these regulations and for the purpose of complying with subsections 7.4 through 7.7.
*time-sensitive broadcast such as news etc, shall be broadcast in real time.
the licensee shall not discriminate against any subscriber in offering services and setting charges.


*PTV has been allowed to charge a fixed annual subscription fee for decoders/set top boxes sold to home owners and a per subscriber copyright royalty from licensed cable TV operator.
*The PTA shall approve the price ceiling of the decoder for sale to home owners.
*PTV shall not charge more than the approved rates.
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