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Pakistan Television (PTV) funds-raising transmission

KARACHI- Pakistan Television has planned special transmission to raise fund for the families who have been displaced in the torrential rains in the northern areas, General Manager Karachi Television (KTV), Athar Viqar Azeem told journalists at a press show organized to announce the programmes for the new quarter.

The special transmission that includes special plays, quiz shows, stage shows and music programmes for Independence Day, has already been started and will continue till August 14.

Pakistan Television (PTV) has been trying to dispel the impression that its standard has gone down and its producers are not working in a way they used to in the past ‘That’s why, in this quarter most of the programmes will be the PTV’s own productions,” he added.

The serials and plays, produced by poorly manned private production houses could not attract the viewers, who are now exposed to various world channels. Thus the PTV especially Karachi Centre, came under severe criticism.

Viqar said in order to retain its standard PTV has adopted a new policy through which PTV will sell its own productions (serials, shows and other programmes) to the private parties who will telecast these in the time slot they have bought on PTV.

Manager Programmes KTV, Manzoor Qureshi introduced the producers, writers, and directors whose programmes will be telecast in the new quarter. He gave a brief description of the serials, stage shows, music shows and other programmes, which will be aired in the next quarter.

The new serials include ‘Dam-e-Rasai’ (produced by Qasim Jalali and written by Kaif Rizwani), a light comedy ‘Ik Tere Aanay se Pehlay’ (written by Kaif Rizwani and produced by Zartaj Ah), ‘Sahil ki Tamanna’ (from Waheeda Naseem’s novel, written for TV by Nayyer Mukhtar Khan and produced by Shahid Iqbal Pasha).

Another serial is ‘Ghutton’ which is an adaptation from Sindhi play ‘PolarÂ’, which has been recently produced under Natak Rang. The serial will highlight the plight of those women who are still living in a very miserable condition in the tribal and feudal areas, which have not seen the light of the modem world.

There has been total silence on music front from PTV, which had presented remarkable musical programmes in the past. In this quarter a new programme ‘Saa Ray Ga’ will be produced by Fehmeeda Nasreen. The compare will be Afshan Ahmed.

Source: The News