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Pakistan Television (PTV) earns Rs 1.55bn

KARACHI- Pakistan Television Corporation earned Rs 1.55 billion during the financial year 1999-2000 against the target of Rs 1.5 billion. It has set a target of Rs 1.6 billion earnings for the current fiscal.

Talking to newsmen at a press briefing Sohail Hashmi, PTV director marketing said neither the target was difficult nor hitting at it would be hard provided well-planned marketing strategy was adopted and quality products were offered for sale.

Hashmi said that the competition was increasing and in times to come only professionals would be able to sell their products. “We have equipped ourselves with the latest and hope to sell our products despite tough competition. We will meet the revenue target.”

Mohsin Ali, general manager, Karachi Television, gave an overview of what the PTV would be airing and said the July-September quarter programmes have been tailored for all age groups. He said the viewers would see quality production during the quarter. Emphasis has been laid on the contents of all the programmes may it he drama, music, general discussion, children programmes or talk shows.

He said the programmes in regional languages would be given 51 percent of the available time whereas, the national language programme would be given only 49 percent of the available time. Mohsin said that a programme to impart basic training in computers had been designed in Sindhi language. It would introduce the technology at village level. The programme is in easy Sindhi with translation of terms in English.

He said he wanted the press to write much about those programmes, which were telecast outside the prime time. This would provide feedback to the TV on such programmes, which it considers most valuable for the young, and the old alike.

Tajdar Adil, programme manager and Ghazala Yasmin, PRO, entertained questions from the newsmen.

Source: Business Recorder