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Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) introduces new value-added Services

LAHORE: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) is fully committed to increase the range of market driven telecommunications services, using state-of-the-art technologies and proved products at par with the developed world.

PTCL Chairman Akhtar Ahmad Daiwa, in an exclusive interview said, the PTCL is taking policy initiatives to upgrade its network and has even introduced a range of new value-added services in its portfolio, enhancing future revenue potential.

He said the PTCL offers high quality digital lines with special incentives for software exporters and information technology educational institutions.

With the introduction of new digital services, the intelligent network platform, the state-of-the-art mobile communication system and one of the best Internet services in the region, the PTCL is in the vanguard of building an information infrastructure which will carry the nation forward into the new millennium and the infotech age, he added.

The PTCL chief said a number of data and Internet service providers are operating in the private sector and the number of new entrants is growing gradually, adding the PTCL is doing its best to generate more revenue by procuring and leasing greater bandwidth capacity to these operators.

In line with world-wide trends and commercial interests, the PTCL is outsourcing a number of new services, and will continue to encourage partnerships with the private sector, observed the the PTCL chief.

These partnerships are based on interconnect models for licensees and outsourcing of the PTCL licensed service under O and M agreements, he added.

Daiwa said the PTCL has also focused on promoting company culture on top priority at the grass-roots level across the country to fully satisfy the customers who he added are main source of revenue.

He said now it is dire need of the hour that now all PTCL officials right from the chairman downward to the lineman will have to bring positive change in their behaviour on the pattern of company culture and adopt customer-friendly attitude to compete with other multinational companies opening in Pakistan.

He said he has strictly directed all regional general managers to take appropriate measures on war-footings to fully ensure the redress of the genuine grievances of the all customers at one-window instead of visiting different sections of the office of the divisional engineers concerned.

He said continuous efforts are being made to improve the quality of the PTCL service, which is now closely monitored on a regular basis. Complaints regarding wrong or excessive billing, disconnection despite payment, delay in fault attendance, lack of courtesy, etc. are some of the areas which need to be addressed effectively by the management.

Although improvement has been effected during the last six months, there is still room for more, he remarked.
Source: Business Recorder