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Pakistan Telecommunication Authority silent on deceptive SMSs

By: Usman Cheema

ISLAMABAD: A leading telecom company and some other firms are involved in looting the innocent customers by sending them deceptive messages telling them that they have won or have been selected for a prize that actually is not there while Pakistan Telecom Authority is totally silent on such practices.

TheNation has evidently learnt that customers are receiving messages that their number has been selected for an ensured prize if they reply to a number given in the message. But in fact they find no ensured prize afterwards by replying to the message.

It has not been mentioned anywhere in the message that they will be charged any kind of amount if they reply to such message. But when the message is sent the company deducts around more than Rs 10 for giving reply to such messages.

The company claims in the message that the one who replies would be entitled to get a prize for sure but later it appears that it is a game that you (customer) would have to play and you might be spending thousands of rupees but the prize is not sure at any stage. Many people have reported to spend thousands to get the prize but in vain as actually there was no such prize.

As per the PTA rules and regulations, all the companies are needed to float any package describing the full details but the companies are openly violating the law in this case. They are taking benefit of the innocence of the consumers and are increasing their (customers) mobile bills for nothing.

An official of PTA, while talking to this scribe, said that generally PTA responds to the complaints by any consumer but it can also take action on its own. He confirmed that as per rules and regulations companies need to mention charges for any package they offer to the subscribers.

It is also worth mentioning here that such practices are being carried out for a long time and PTA has taken no action to save the innocent subscribers of the telecom companies. The PTA was asked to give its official version on the subject but despite repeated efforts, there was no response.

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