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Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) ready for liberalisation of telecom sector

ISLAMABAD- Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is getting ready for the post Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) privatization scenario and liberalization of the telecom sector of the country.

Chairman PTA Major General Khalid Bashir stated this while inaugurating a two-day workshop on Strategic Planning of PTA in 2001-2002. He said, PTA was advising the government on appropriate strategy to deal with the telecom sector after the privatization of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd.

The Chairman pointed towards the incentives that the present government had provided to promote telecom sector and information technology. He said that in the wake of forthcoming privatization of PTCL and liberalization of the telecom sector PTA was facing an important challenge.

PTA, he said, was busy in developing an appropriate toolkit of regulations to address the issues in the post-monopoly era. He also appreciated the role of ISPs in expanding the Information Technology (IT) & Telecommunications Services in Pakistan. PTA, he noted, has got recognition and prominence as harbinger of better telecommunication services in Pakistan within a short period.

Chairman PTA stressed the officers of PTA to adopt public service approach and bear in mind that the officers have been employed for the service of public. Therefore, they should demonstrate the highest standards of excellence, professional competence, and sympathetic considerations to the genuine grievances of the public.

He emphasized that the officers of PTA were accountable to the public at large. The officers should be committed to the goals of promoting competition, developing telecom sector and protecting consumer interest. They should take pride in their work, he said.

Major General Khalid Bashir dilated upon the importance of exploiting modern technologies through Internet and research journals. He also stressed upon proper and efficient planning to achieve objectives of PTA within limited resources. “We couldn’t afford to waste the limited resources available to PTA,” he added.

Source: The Nation