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Pakistan Press Foundation welcomes release of Washington Post journalist

Pakistan Press Foundation

Pakistan Press Foundation PPF in a letter to President of Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Rouhani welcomed release of Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian,who had been imprisoned in Iran since July 2014.

Rezaian was freed as part of a prisoner swap between the United States and Iran. The Post, confirmed that he had left Iran with his wife,Yeganeh Salehi, who was also briefly detained with Rezaian in 2014.

Rezaian, 39, The Post’s Tehran Bureau chief and a dual American-Iranian citizen was detained on July 22, 2014 and charged with espionage. In October 2015, following a closed-door trial, Iranian state television reported that he had been convicted by Tehran Revolutionary Court, although details of the sentence remained unclear.

IPI had repeatedly called for his release and along with numerous other international organizations criticized the apparently baseless charges against the journalist, as well as the lack of due process evident in the closed-door trials and limit on access to legal assistance. Various news sources have suggested that Rezaian had been detained longer than any other Western journalist in Iran.