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Pakistan Engineering Council to begin independent TV channel soon

Federal Minister for Religious Affairs, Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah has credited his government for beginning a new era of relations with Russia and opening the new trade market of India, despite big challenges to its existence in the country. Speaking at the function of the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), which Pak Oasis sponsored at a local hotel on Friday night, he said that the PPP-led government had judiciously dealt with its four-year span.

He said that it was the first time that India had come to negotiate with Pakistan on an equal basis because the neighbouring country was aware of the country’s nuclear technology. He said that engineers played a key role in the establishment of nuclear technology.

He said that the present government had begun a new political era with Russia and established a bigger textile market for local products in India. He said that previously such sort of relations with these countries would be termed “treason”. He lamented the political uncertainty during the last-four year of his party’s government, saying such a threat badly affected its performance. He said that his party’s government had dispensed about Rs 60 billion to the poor affected in natural calamities.

The minister said that the country was going through a bad economic patch and tussle between institutions and politicians would push the nation backwards. He said that the country unfortunately spends billion of dollars for energy generation, such huge spending through using local resources, could be reduced phenomenally. He said that the Thar coal project is one of the available options to bring the country out from the soaring energy crisis.

In 2008, the country’s foreign remittances were $5.8 billion which the present government through its efforts expanded to $13 billion, Khursheed Shah claimed, saying that expatriates from Pakistan had increased to 0.4 million at present from 0.25 million four years back.

He said that the country’s annual revenue collection also grew by Rs 1000 billion to Rs 1900 billion since 2008. He said that the present government had also helped the country pay off the $1.2 billion loan to global lenders for the first time in history. He said that previously, such loans had never been paid off, rather they would be rescheduled for another 20 years period.

The minister said that the country’s economic backbone was “engineers,” which run the nation’s development. He said the country’s nuclear technology is indebted to engineers and Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. Chairman PEC, Abdul Qadir Shah in his speech urged the government to boost relations with the engineering community in the country to solve their problems. He said that the government and the PEC are also starting an independent TV channel for engineers soon. He said the PEC is now a globally recognised body.

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