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Pagara allows devotees to wear Ajrak, Sindhi cap

KHAIRPUR, June 18: Spiritual leader of Hurs Pir Sibghatullah Shah Pir Pagara has allowed his devotees to wear Sindhi cap and Ajrak and turban as well if they want and urged them educate their children, particularly girls.

Addressing a gathering of his devotees at Dargah Sharif Pir Jo Goth to observe Shab-i-Mairaj late Sunday night, Pir Pagara said that Ajrak and cap were symbols of Sindhi culture and the devotees could wear them and turban as well.

However, he said, it was better if they wore a turban. Pir Pagara urged his followers to educate their children, particularly girls and said if any poor widow of Hur Jamaat could not afford marriage expenses of his children, particularly dowry for their daughters, they would be provided financial assistance by Dargah Sharif and Pir Pagara.

He asked devotees to contact concerned Khalifa of Hur Jamaat in this regard. The country was mired in grave crisis and everyone should pray for its stability and integrity, he said.

Pir Pagara said that matches for daughters should be fixed irrespective of their caste and creed.
There was no such restriction in Islam, he said.