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PA’s anti-media resolution

THIS is in reference with the news in which the role of a political party in moving a resolution against the media was criticised.

This resolution came as a big insult to the media and a number of protests were held against it. The media in our country never remained free and independent as compared to its international counterparts.

Most dictator governments tried to bend the media according to their whims; however, it was given more independence recently. Since then a number of political as well as non-political actors have been trying to choke the role of the media, only because it is pinpointing their mistakes.

This resolution came as a reaction to the media’s role in highlighting the fake-degree issue because it brought out a serious issue.

This resolution must be criticised by major civil society groups as well as other stakeholders otherwise the media won’t be able to report the truth.



ABOUT the resolution passed by the Punjab Assembly against Pakistani media I have a different view.

We all must realise that we are living under a nascent democratic dispensation grown out of an autocratic rule in most of the 63 years of our country’s life.

While politicians have been accused by everyone, including the media, and rightly so, of corruption and other ills and are asked to take this criticism generously, why shouldn’t the media that received an answer in the form of a democratically-passed resolution take the backlash as well?

We are all fallible; not even in the more democratic societies of the world do angels exist. The only difference is that we are still in a transitionary phase and are trying to hold on to it whereas other developed countries with democratic dispensations have reached a point after decades of political and social transformation.

Whatever is happening here is part of a process which, though painful, has to be experienced if we are to become a viably democratic nation. This is how our society, media and politicians will mature.

Remember, Rome was not built in a day. We will have to be patient and need to give time to a system that has never been practised by us in its true sense. I am sure things will get better gradually.



ALL those who lied and deceived the law and voters are honest and deserve seats in the national and provincial assemblies and all those who tried to disclose their dishonesty need a resolution for their irresponsible attitude and derailment of democracy. So cheating and deceiving is democracy according to our parliamentarians. Civil society must take a serious notice of this and should try to persuade the Election Commission of Pakistan to at least disqualify, for life, these fake degree holders from taking part in elections, if not initiating legal proceedings in court for the breach of trust and fraud.

If the cases of 22 doctors holding fake degrees can be sent to the FIA, why cannot the same be done for parliamentarians?

Source: Dawn