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Online testing ability website launched

KARACHI :December 20 2003: A local software company has launched a new website to help country’s entrepreneurs and other job seekers to freely judge their abilities by solving online test paper at the site.

Speaking at the launch of website ‘’ at a press conference here on Friday, the Director of ‘Soft Horizon’, Kashif Shamsuddin, and General Manager Amir Ansari said that currently the test papers to judge abilities associated with some selective fields are available on the site but with the passage of time more papers would be added.

They said that ‘Trysol’ is an independent ‘Vendor Neutral Certificate’, which awards certificates like some other organisations which award educational certifications.

They said that they have launched free ‘online-testing’ website on which test papers to judge abilities of professionals associated with information technology, banking, telecommunication, electronic and print media, health and beauty, fitness, textile, aeronautics and aviation are available.

They said the website is also helpful for those who want to conduct interviews of a large number of job aspirants as the net-software has the ability to immediately judge and present the result of test.

The website would be introduced and publicised world-wide, they said, adding that parents can judge ability of their children while job seekers can present test reports along with their other educational and experience certificates.

Source: Business Recorder