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Omar’s father says his son innocent

KARACHI- The father of Sheikh Omar, on trial for the murder of US journalist Daniel Pearl, said on Tuesday, he was confident his son was innocent and would get a fair trail.

“I know Omar is innocent and I know he has not committed the offence he has been accused of. I am confident he will get justice and fair trial,” Ahmed Saeed Sheikh told reporters here after the second day of the hearing.

Omar, 29, is accused of masterminding Peal’s kidnap and murder.

“All the allegations against him (Omar) are false, all evidences are untrue, all these evidences and all witnesses brought by the government are headed by the police,” he said.

“The way the prosecution witnesses are breaking into pieces, all those witnesses falling into pieces, we will get justice in a fair trial,” he said.

Omar has repeatedly demanded a trial in an Islamic court, saying he does not recognise ‘British Law.’
Source: The Nation